Black Teens Raped And Murdered Asian Woman!

Let me guess, not their fault right?

Two Milwaukee teenagers face homicide charges in the September 2020 rape and murder of Ee Lee, brutally beaten and left for dead in Washington Park.

Kamare Lewis, 17, and Kevin Spencer, 15 each face one count of first-degree intentional homicide, as party to a crime and one count of first-degree sexual assault (great bodily harm), as party to a crime.

Lee was found Sept. 16, 2020 in Washington Park by “bystanders,” still breathing but unconscious, severely beaten and left for dead. She was undressed below the waist, indicating sexual assault. She suffered severe contusions to the face/head. A hospital examination confirmed the sex assault.

She died Sept. 19 due to blunt force trauma to her head.

Obama’s son?

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Id rather ignote this and read a huff post op ed on the central park 5!


Shooting range

Get a rope and hang them from the highest tree!


This something you celebrate? Holy shit bro…

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Theys just childrens! Childrens can’t be rapin no body! Theys just childrens!


They wuz gud boyz! BLM!


He is a good kid, he has some problems like anyone else but hes a good boy!


Are you joking or is your reading comprehension stunted? Yes, Im celebrating they caught the animal scum that did it, now a fast trial and execution hopefully.


I would rape them then beat them to death to see how they like it.


LOL that dudes confused mugshot. It’s awful. He looks like someone just asked him to count to 11 only using his fingers. 1/10. He’s clearly no OMA.


And they will still join BLM marches to fight white supremacy.

Apparently, that’s the bigger threat now.


I think what he is probably saying is your overall posting history seems to follow a theme of focusing on black criminals and always contain a certain amount of glee about highlighting them. More often than not you include comments about people being animals and savages. You certainly don’t post many comparable reports of whites raping and pillaging, or refer to whites with the same inflammatory language. Youre just another coward who is clearly prejudice yet likes to try (unsuccessfully) to hide behind childlike semantic loopholes.


He also thinks Biden lost the election, Chauvin shouldn’t be found guilty of murder, and insulted me for supporting masks. There’s something weird about this guy.

I’m a numbers guy. Around 85% of violent crimes on Asians are committed by blacks, so I would actually have to increase my number of threads to catch up to that %…now go fuck yourself!


At least you’re not outright denying it anymore, you cowardly little slut

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Biden cheated, Chauvin shouldn’t of been found guilty of 2nd degree murder and its already proven masks dont work, so whats you fucking point again?


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