Black Teens Raped And Murdered Asian Woman!

I can’t say I am shocked a leftist troll account can’t stop being a lowlife and doesn’t care about Asian women being raped and murdered. Many of you have proven yourselves to be rotten individuals behind these accounts so it is to be expected.


Types of threads you won’t see leftist troll accounts in…

OGers calling out for help.
OGers sharing personal loss.
Group charity theads.
Christmas time helping OGers out.

But they are the virtuous among us.


Incredibly sad and it makes me angry. The lady was lying, or maybe sitting, on a blanket in the park and they approached her and did this heinous attack.

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Low life leftist attack the messenger instead of pulling their head out of their ass.


Meanwhile, sick fuck cowards like The Pundit would rather attack the Messenger, than admit to himself the facts of the case.

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Kill the kids and their worthless parents


He’s the ipitome of what us real Canadians hate about our own…

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Someone who can spell?

I don’t judge Canadians based on a couple losers. Never have and never will. You guys are our frens to the North.


Content ignored

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And got your back… most of us. If not most, the important ones.



How does ignoring yourself work?

Why do white liberals like you always defend black criminals???


One race is only 14% of the population but kills more then every other race combined. Any type of violent crime that same race leads in that also. Every prison is filled. We shut down America over a virus that has over a 99% survival rate but are afraid to address the crime wave and destruction of areas from one race.

I think we are already past the point of no return but at some point America needs start fighting this problem. America as a whole is afraid to say anything because OMG they might be called a racist but instead switch the racism to whites by saying white people are the cause of every problem in the world.

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That’s one dark white supremacist.

Black keeds have been raping and killing for eons.



What do you suggest?

Numbers are numbers. They don’t lie. Fact of matter is, there are a lot of non-racists out there that can see and interpret numbers.

So, there is a clear cut violence problem in America. One group carries a significantly bigger burden than the others. Shit, it’s bad. I have plenty of friends of all colors. It’s fairly mixed here. I feel very bed for those friends, as it’s just not good. One group needs to get their shit together, and I don’t see how that happens.

I think the leadership, for that group, should come from within. Plenty of strong black pro-America leaders that could help the situation, but that community itself has to help the situation.

Pundit, not many father’s or adult direction being given to this group, correct? There’s your fucking problem. May as well get to the point. No adults, no supervision, go to guns/violence if there is a problem. This is the problem. Talk about this.

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