Black Teens Raped And Murdered Asian Woman!

very telling he didnt answer this question

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ees normal

That retard couldn’t count to fo

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No words.

Good on you for posting OP. The victims deserve better. RIP

Its comical

Does anyone think that one certain race of people as a whole just can’t interact in every day suburban society?

Its going to take some time to try and think of one. Did you know that Trumps golf outings contribute to global warming?!

Tie them to a bumper and then drive until they are a thin red paste on the concrete.


I’m sure they’ll be charged with a hate crime.

Similar crime here locally that didn’t make any national news. 7 blacks guys raped and killed a 19-year-old white girl.

White supremecy is the problem though, never forget that.

You said “locally” but where is that specifically, if you don’t mind. I’d like to google it.

Just another one of Obama’s sons I see.

Your post=
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Interesting you ignored people for saying you’re constantly being a faggot (for constantly being a douche) but you’ll post that meme basically calling OP a fag. You are a faggot.

If Biden did not lose, then he would not have needed to cheat. Lol.

Eliminate social programs that incentivize bastard children. That’d be a start.

Volunteering to be fathers?