Black Widow sucked

It was decent. SPOILER! The Valentina lady with Black Widow’s sister at the end of the credits is the same one who came to talk with the bad Captain America in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier series. I wonder what they are up to especially since she pinged Black Widow’s death on Hawkeye

Dark Avengers

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It was terrible. Such a huge step back from the other Marvel Movies. Second worst one behind Captain Marvel.

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Fun fact - she was supposed to debut in Black Widow first, then be seen in The Racism Show…er…I mean Falcon & Winter Soldier.
But with covid jerking around release dates, she was seen in F&WS first.

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that russian blonde was straight up porn.

It sucked, I never particularly cared for Scarlett in that role to begin with, she was never believable as a badass Russian agent to me.


I thought the movie had potential at first, the opening scene was pretty good. Then it went into lame montage with a shitty Nirvana cover and I knew we were in trouble.

The opening scene with taskmaster was good although I don’t know if they explained why taskmaster is incapable of running. The first scene with the sister was lame cliche Hollywood bullshit, someone should explain to Hollywood you can’t dodge the bullet if someone is pointing a gun at you. You might as well put your gun down if you don’t intend to shoot them first.

The casting of Dreykov was ridiculous. What Gerard Butler was busy? How about picking someone not known for a super thick accent and they can at least somewhat come off as Russian. Someone should tell Marvel there are hundreds of millions of Russians in the world, and some of them even act. Oh wait they did cast a Russian… and had her not speak hardly.

The Prison break scene was basically saturday morning cartoon type stuff, Nobody can hit a thing, bullets hit everywhere but there intended target I also liked how the guilt of killing an innocent life is one of the main plotlines and they think nothing of murdering prison guards just doing their jobs because they don’t wanna wait to get a msg to their father if he even knows where his old boss is before breaking him out.

Anyways I could go on but yah… it was lame, and they ruined taskmaster. But of course they had to make it part of the evil white man is controlling women plot line. And the " you can’t kill me because of pheromones" plot point is as lame as the DC same mother name plot point. Well done Marvel. And the editing with todays CGI for the body switch was so awful they should be embarrassed. Oh look Scarlett’s body just changed into a 50 year old woman’s. That’s odd…and how did she wear a wig over her long hair while it’s out…strange…

As with all things, Marvel especially, when they have a solid bad guy the movies work. When they don’t, things kinda just degrade into random action scenes without any real plot.

I’m not sure who this movie was made for or what it did to further any overarching story but I thought it was pointless and slow. I give it about a 4/10 and overall probably the worst Marvel movie I’ve seen. Definitely the worst and most uninteresting cast to date. The possible exception being the introduction of the sister, but it remains to be seen what they do with that character.

I liked it a lot

that blonde was hot

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They sidelined the best character Red Guardian.

Children. It’s for children.

Can’t have a competent male character mucking up their ‘you go girl’ vibe. That’s why they turned him into comic relief and gender-swapped Taskmaster. Only the women are allowed to be competent in girl power movies.


Biggest week to week drop for MCU movie ever. 67% decline week 1to 2.

A character and actress no one gives a poop about

It’s hard to say how much that means. The movie theater market paradigm has completely changed due to the pandemic response. I suspect with the subscription services now releasing films concurrently with their theater release, we’re going to see a lot of huge drop offs from this point out. Superfans will catch the movie at the theater on the first weekend, while many of the casual fans who usually turn out in the second weekend after the crowds die down will opt to watch it from home the first weekend and skip going to the theaters.

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Irrelevant since a ton of people watched this at home.

I thought it was better than average as a Marvel movie. Not one of the best but slightly better than the mid-tier.

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