blackberry or motorola q?

which one should i buy? any sugestions would be greatly appreciated.

I have a blackberry, and if the Q was available at the time I purchased my blackberry, I would have opted for the Q. Has more applications and mobile windows. Just my .02

I'm looking for a smartphone too. Shying away from windows platform. Blackberry is coming out with a new device, Pearl, in a couple weeks that is more consumer oriented with a camera, phone form factor, media players, etc. Anyone have more suggestions in this category? Any awesome Linux smartphones? I've heard good things about Nokia N80 but it is expensive and no carrier deals.

Don't let the Windows XP/98, etc., influence your decision on a PDA. Windows Mobile is actually pretty damn stable and a great pocket OS.

I just can't bring myself to buy a micrsoft/windows-based smartphone. It isn't something against the abilities of the pocket OS, though I've heard it can be hardware intensive, but rather more of a boycottish attitude of mine towards microsoft.

I wouldn't get the Treo 650. I've had nothing but problems...

My coworker (vp sales) has a lot of issues with his 650 syncing and email but he is the opposite of tech saavy so I just assumed it was him. I've seen updates on palm and sprint for 650 applications, which I figured would solve much of his problems. What type of problems have you run into?

I'm currently using the Nokia 3650 (starting to have hardware problems) and considering upgrading to the Nokia 6682 (and switch to Cingular who is the only carrier offering deals on them) instead of a more PDA like phones which I've been looking at for a few weeks. My coworker is probably upgrading to a 700w/wx by the end of the year so I'm considering buying his well-used 650 but would have to move to a CDMA carrier (Sprint, Verizon, Alltel) to use that phone.

Another option is to upgrade through T-Mobile to one of the Blackberries they sell, like the 8100 Pearl that's coming out soon, but I'm not too keen on them as I'm developing a mobile web app at work and dislike their browsers and Opera Mobile isn't available for them.

decisions decisions

I'm thinking of getting this:

It's called the O2 xda mini in the UK but has a different name in the US from what I was told.

It has built in wi-fi and Windows Mobile.