Blacklisted!411 Hacker Mag

old hacker mag resurrected.

on 5th issue of revived printing.

Some of the articles are worse than 2600, some are much better... the PDA security article was a nice start, and the hardware articles are decent. Very old school though.

found a copy in a fairly large "indie" bookstore in Northern Michigan.

seem to have a bug up their butts about being "white-hat" though.

way less technology politics than 2600, which may appeal to som, but more hacker politics.

not strictly a "hacking" = security breaking mag, but also a more general "get hands on with tech" mag.

same physical format as 2600, be careful of getting water on the back cover, it smears. Cheap but adequate printing.

Very small print, older people may need a magnifying glass.

Worth checking out, may become a monthly buy like 2600.


uh, I tell you where in the post?