Blade Trinity

I just checked out Blade 3 Trinity today. Okay movie but the cool thing about the movie was an armbar and omaplata thrown in during one of the fight scenes. It was actually that goofy guy from Van Wilder slapping the armbar & omaplata on Triple H. Cool to see- yes; believable- hell no.

Caught me off guard because all of the fight scenes in all 3 movies are very flashy type stuff.

It just goes to show that if you practice your BJJ, you can defeat a vampire that outweights you by 100 lbs of muscle:)

It's good to see more and more submissions in action movies.

Do you recommend me go watch Blade Trinity?
In terms of special effects & story line & acting, better than the first? Better than the second? I enjoyed both I and II.

It was an okay flick, no great piece of cinema, but entertaining. It was cool to see such a mix of martial arts styles from, Jessica Biel's capoeira moves, to Ryan Reynolds sub on Triple H.

I was going to post this same post. well you beat me to it.

I think that first movie that had a submission was "Enter The Dragon." with Bruce Lee

I thought it was pretty good but not near as good as the second one. They tried to make into an action comedy which didn't work well in my opinion. Pretty good action and some good graphic/special effects. Although 90% of the comedy sucked there were one or two good one liners but the attempt at comedy brought it down.

Seeing the armbar/oma really shocked me though.

I am going to see it tonight.

Apparently there will be a part 4 and 5 and they are going to write Snipes out of them and have the chick take over.

No lie.

Dougie, you just broke my heart.

Blade & comedy = bad mix

Blade & no W. Snipes = bad move #1

Blade as day-walking vampire chick = bad move #2


Yeah....the only reason why Snipes agreed to a 3rd "Blade" was to get New Line to help him produce "Black Panther"(even though at 42, and in great shape, he seems too old for the role).

they filmed some scenes from blade 3 at my work, a department store in downtown vancouver. i saw wesley snipes in the horrible unsanitary lunchroom with his entourage. he's not that big.

they filmed a scene in our stairwell because it's one of the few old-style stairwells left, where there's a really wide space in the middle so you can see all the way to the bottom. sometimes at work i feel like jumping off or pushing my boss down there.

LOL @ obesedaryl

I think I am going to see it this weekend.

I've heard Wesley Snipes is only 5'7" in height. Is that true?

damn, vampires are the last people you want biting you when you pull some grappling on them

"It was actually that goofy guy from Van Wilder slapping the armbar & omaplata on Triple H. Cool to see- yes; believable- hell no."

Was their something else about this film that you did find believable? I'm just kidding with you, baldilocks, it just seemed funny to me.


ttt for obesedaryl's stairwell

I'm sold

Van Wilder got jacked to shreds for this movie. He looks like he can kick some serious ass!

Though, I've never been a fan of Jessica Biel, she looks hot as hell acting like the tough chica.

Wesley Snipes is about 5-10 or so. He stayed in character the whole time while shooting the movie which really annoyed a lot of people from what I've read.

The studio is hoping to do a spin-off "NightStalkers" series w/ Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel.

It was ok. Nothing special. I'd recommend it to go see. Once.

Snipes is kinda skinny,too. He walked past me in M&M's Soulfood restaurant in Inglewood. My boy asked me if I thought I could take him. LOL

A large part of "Murder at 1600" was filmed across the street from me.

Snipes is NO TALLER then 5'7. I saw him evey day for nearly a week.

you mean there was something unbelievabe about a guy puting a sub on a vampire? just the other day me and my fried drac were haveing a disagreement and i was like you bloodsucking bitch i will armbar you if you dont stop lol