Blade Trinity

Mason- you have a very good point. Funny that the omaplata scene stood out to be the most unbelievable to me:) Funny thing about that is he finished the oma with a wrist lock that snapped his wrist.

Although Van Wilder's comedy was NO help to the movie, I admit he was shredded... though not bulky really. There was a blub in this month's Muscle and Fitness about him. He gained like 20 lbs of muscle and got his body fat down to 3% for this role.

The chick was hot fur sure. I don't know about a Blade 4 and 5 though to be honest without Snipes. He didn't seemed as jacked up as he has in the past in this role. They had him fighting in long sleeves with no "guns" blazing.

I realized later yesterday that the girl is from the 7th Heaven TV series. Quite a switch.

that's one of the worst movies i've ever seen, and i really liked blade 1 and 2

The security guards also had paintball masks on. Well i am a paintball nut to so this is for anyone who really cared. I tell you what though. If I did that those same moves on someone and broke their arm and they was like you broke my arm started laughing popped it into place and started swinging like nothing happened to it I would just run.