Blake Rosholt slam

Bad sportsmanship or just caught up in the moment?

Is he the top guy at his weight at OKST? I thought he was like their #1 heavy as a freshman, and wrestling up too, since he's a 197#

Caught up in the moment. He was locking on a triangle and instinct took over. I don't really have a problem with it Phone Post

 he related to jake/jared..?

One of those guys is not like the other.

Seems legit to me.

I believe this is Jakes little bro.At first look,i thought that he just shook him off hard,and because of the strength and size difference it seemed worse than it was.Jasons a good and active competitor in jiujitsu that has an 8-0 record in mma also.I would have liked to seen this match continue.

It was a little excessive IMO, but, you know, shit. We ain't playing tiddly winks out there, you know?

He was pumped and visibly frustrated by the oompa loompa running from him Phone Post

Yeah, looked like it was illegal, but not dirty.