Blank screen?

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Same here man. But for some reason I can see this thread. Weird.

happening a-lot lately i just hit the thread again and usually comes up

I'm getting this a lot, too. Annoying as shit.

Also when I post something, it doesn't show up when I go back to the main page. Have to hit refresh a bunch of times for it to show. What's going on here?

Happening periodically today.

Along with 100 PeePeePee, it's annoying.

sux. just had to hit it 10 times to get this to pop up. thought it was just me. guess not.

fix ur shit kirik

 way too often

Same here. Gif +1

The irony of it all is that this page was blank or me for the last 15 minutes. What the flying fuck is up with the forum?

I assumed this was my shitty computer. I've been having it a lot today.

anyone know of any other good forums to go to?? This one jumped the shark

I'm done with here for today.

The blank screen is impossible to deal with. Even when you post replies you get a blank screen and then a double post.

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 seriously, annoying as hell.

 Fails and losers (45 gifs)

Yep this is fucked.

 Happens just about every time I try to submit a post.  I was starting to think you guys didn't care what I had to say.

 Now I am just training myself to copy everything I post so I can go back and paste in the next 10 tries before it will finally accept my words for what they are.


this is still happening to me

Happening again.