"Blauer Power"

Fellow PDR Members and ME Participants,

If you haven't already done so, pick up the
most recent issue af Black Belt Mag. and
recommend that your friends do the same!

There is a testimaonial from one of the
readers in the letter's section entittled
"Blauer Power" on his use of the SPEAR after
reading the two-part article published
earlier this year. There is also mention of
Coach's system and tapes as he made the the
top 10 list of training tapes for
self-defence/street fighting.

Some good information is in there, so let's
use this opportunity to get it out there!


P.S. Unfortunately, an individual who was the
recipient of great debate on this forum, is
also mentioned!


Got the issue:The author may not be up-to-date about Coach's latest material, but IMHO accurately describes Coach's metal and emotional training as cutting edge.What I find interesting are those other instructors the author has not mentioned. These are supposed to be the Top 10 Street-Fighting Videos (Gee; wouldn't it be great if I could have the video go out and do the fighting on the street for me? Then all I'd have to do is carry the videocasette in a snappy, concealed, break-away Kydex [TM] holster...coming soon from PFS! But I digress.); more accurately, the top 10 video instructors. In the order listed: Geoff Thompson, Paul Vunak, Peyton Quinn, Mario Sperry, Matt Thornton, Marco Lala, Bill Wolfe, David James, Darren Levine, Tony Blauer. Honorable mentions went to W. Hock Hockheim; Matt Furey; Pedro Carvalho; Eric Knauss and the Dog Brothers; and Rob Kaman.Nothing about Marc "Animal" MacYoung. Nor John Kary. Nor Kelly Worden. Nor James Keating. Nor anyone else.'Tis a matter of taste, apparently. At least the author didn't dilute everyone else's worth by including Jerry Peterson....Also, note that Coach is mentioned a third time in the October 2000 issue of Black Belt: there is an article about using a folding knife that also cites Coach's tape Controlling The Blade.RealStudent

You guys got this one in before I had the chance!

It seems that each new issue of Black Belt has a new "combative" system in it which will solve all of your self defense needs. The new issue has the "Combat Karate" - what was the saying he had, "Hit fast, hit hard"? I thought that perhaps a gentle tug on the ear would be enough to deter an thug from attacking me in the parking lot.

There were a few "Blauerisms" in that article as well.

Travis McHugh

Also, the same day I pick up this issue of Black Belt, I get a birthday present from my brother in the mail - UFC Ultimate, Ultimate 2 - the one Tony interviews Tank.


Its destiny, the universe converging, yelling to you to call our toll free number and intervept all potential coincidences by pre-ordering all my videos!!!


Have a great day.


Ahhhhhh, yes! You must be correct!

!CRACK! (left side of my face becoming numb...)

My wife was reading over my shoulder and tagged me with
a short left from behind. I'd think that after an hour
of kickboxing tonight she'd be tired...

Hey Everyone...I noticed in a recent issue of "Karate International" an article (not by Tony) on N.V.P.s that looked (and sounded) very familiar. Did anyone see this? It was basically preaching the "every day stance as fighting stance" concept.

The word spreads through mysterious ways...At least people may be learning. But wouldnt it be nice if people could learn to think for themselves instead of copying all the time?