Blauer Wisdom

Dear M.E. readers,

I was thinking about all the ways I have been inspired and educated by Tony Blauer. There have been so many realizations, paradigm shifts and to use a phrase from the Blauerian Lexicon, 'Lightbulb Moments'.

What inspires me is that Tony's wisdom applies to all confrontations, whether they be you and your self doubt all the way to you defending yourself from a knife wielding mugger.

There are indeed many little gems in the PDR treasure chest. I'd like to share with you an email a student sent to me several months ago. What I love about it is it shows how Tony's teaching can improve and enrich our everyday lives. Here it is:

Hey Mike,

Just wanted to let you know that it was good to get
back into class on Wednesday. The cycle of behavior
review we had was particularly helpful. In fact it
came in handy the very next day. I've been having
trouble with a couple of hard cases in one of my
classes. Obviously it's not a fear for safety
question, since their just 12 year old kids, but it's
definitely a struggle for control issue to keep these
guys from derailing the class. Instead of dreading
the class and visualizing all the ways that shit
could go bad, I "got challenged" and visualized all
the ways I was going to handle these kids. A huge
improvement over how I handled them yesterday, but
more importantly I was acting from a position of
control because I visualized myself handling them, not
"fearing" what they were going to do. A subtle,
non-life-and-death- interpretation of the cycle of
behavior maybe, but I thought I'd pass that on and say
thanks for reviewing it.

See ya on Saturday.


To conclude allow me to quote a paragraph from pg. 12 of the PDR Manual under the heading "Thou Shalt Not Invite Disaster."

"I have a simple belief that keeps me honest and introspective: I believe we experience confrontations every day of our lives' (Confrontation" defined as any situation that affects our enjoyment of the moment – I know people who take traffic personally!). Therefore, the degree of calmness and clarity with which we deal with our confrontations will directly determine the quality of our day and therefore, the quality of our life.

Hope everyone enjoys this as much as I enjoy sharing it with you.

Take Care,

Mike Suyematsu

When someone takes the time & energy to share someting that can help me evolve as well as help others, i.e. my students, I am grateful.

Coaches' dedication to this amazing PDR recipe is truly phenomenal.

I really appreciate it Mike,



My pleasure Nick!

Tony has helped me and my family in so many ways. Let's keep up the "ripple effect" that Tony has started with all his years of teaching and of course inventing the PDR process.

Take Care,


Thanks guys, appreciate it.