Blauer's Approach to Fear?


Let me try to give a succinct answer.

I don't think that either of the two versions of fear management that you mentioned are completely accurate in terms of Tony's teachings. However, if you need a differentiation, Tony is much closer to what you term habituation training than to an NLP model.

Two of Tony's most important concepts are:

1. Emotional Climate Training
2. Replication Theory

You can surmise from the names that the processes are involved with fear/stress innoculation - not modality manipulation. Tony has created a detailed behavioral model that he calls the Cycle of Behavior that is detailed on the Rape Safe videos. It is complexity simplified and is a workable tool for real life.

Is his training effective? LEO's, SWAT, and military operators all over the globe apparently think so, and as a long time student of Tony's I can easily say that his fear management principles have forever altered my approach to training and to life.

I would strongly suggest that you look into Tony's material - you won't be disappointed.

Dr. C

I'd appreciate if someone would give me a more thorough explanation than that. Thanks for the reply Tony but if you could answer my questions it would help me, and maybe a few other people on here lurking, in deciding whether or not to buy Blauer's materials.

Hey guys, I was wondering what Tony's approach to fear is? I've seen him use language such as "confront your fear" in his posts which leads me to believe his approach is more along the lines of feeling the fear and acting anyway. I don't know though, which is why I'm asking.

It seems to me that fear is perhaps the largest obstacle to growth and can be potentially devastating in a case where it paralyzes the person with it's effects. Having said that, what are some of your opinions on Blauer's approaches to fear? Do they work? Can you apply the same principles to other situations such as public speaking? Does he use an NLP type approach, changing the modalities and structure of the specific thoughts that bring about fear, or does he tend to take a habituation type approach, where one constantly simulates fearful events with the thought of controlling the fear instead of the fear controlling you when an actual confrontation takes place?

Tony, if you decide to answer this I would be very much appreciative. I know your busy, and apparently that ttt joke was not taken well by you or your moderators. In any event, it was just a jest and I would not have put it there had I known it would result in my thread getting deleted.



The basics of Coach Blauer's fear management concepts teach us about two kinds of fear, Biological Fear and Psychological Fear and how the former actually enhances your body's defense system while the latter hinders your ability cope with real danger.

Mr. Blauer has produced several audio tapes that contain more detailed information than can be covered in this limited medium. The PDR manual and nearly all of Tony's video products contain very valuable fear management and performance enhancement psychology information.

Just to help get you started.

Tony Torres
Va Beach, VA

Hi, I'm a psychology grad student and have been using Blauer's material awhile. Habituation techniques are the biggest part of what he does. It's simple and effective and goes well onto video and onto the mat. There is a cognitive element as well, I don't think I'd characterize it as NLP as such. Part of it IS about how we use words, language, self-talk I suppose. I've heard that Coach has read some NLP stuff and kind of adapted some ideas. He's been known also to pose paradoxes and nonsense questions, and talk about internal dynamics, and he gives writing exercises and so on. SPEAR System isn't any of the above, it's kind of grounded in neuropsych I guess.

A great psychologist, like a great grappler, knows when to use a technique, AND when to abort a technique. Once you understand the concepts and applications, you don't then have to solemnly swear your loyalty to become psychodynamic, narrative, systemic, cognitive-behavioural, humanist, or NLP'ist. When I first attended a seminar of Blauer's, I asked some questions afterward, trying to pigeonhole him as one of the above. He just looked at me like I had three eyes.

As far as products, the audiotapes, ABC's of Street Attacks, Competition Coaching Session, Panic Attack I and SPEAR Fundamentals are where the psychology is at. I like all of them. Oh, How To Beat A Grappler has a little psychology preamble that's good too. That's a heckuva double volume.

Thanks guys, you all have been a big help.