Blazers vs Heat

A few tidbits from Rip City:

SAR likely will have surgery on his injured elbow. If he doesn't he may be out 5 weeks. Miles is out two weeks.

Because of that Patterson started and at one point in the game the Blazers had a lineup of telfair, outlaw, Pryzbilla, Patterson and Z-Bo. Bobcat-esque.
This lineup however went on a 12-3 run in 1:23 to the cut the 22 pt deficit down to 13 at halftime. Patterson went 10-12, otherwise they get blown out by 35 pts.

Anderson went 0-8, he does not seem to care. He may need to fly home to look for his missing mother how has relapsed. He wants to get her back into rehab for alcohol.
Wade is a freaking stud!

He and Shaq are #1 shot blocking and free throw shooting duo.

Telfair is a very good on the ball defender. They went on that run because of his two steals at half court. Once he gets the green light to shoot it will open up his game even more. I think right now he has to worry about getting benched for taking a bad shot so will not take the open 8 footer. Sometimes forces a bad pass.

The Heat had 19 assists at halftime.