Bleeding from my ear

Just got out of the shower and per my normal routine, I put the shower head on massage and let it blast all my holes, ears included.

Afterwards I gently use a qtip in my ears but this time I see blood out of my right ear. So I wait about 10 mins and then very gently go back in with the qtip. It is bright red with blood.

Am I died now?


Stop using q-tips.




Have you taken any temp V?

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It means that you’re ovulating


A neighbor kid told me when i was six that if you’re bleeding out of your ear you die no matter what. RIP


This. Have fun being dead.

RIP Dannica Huge!

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Have you been grappling recently? Sometimes my ears bleed after I grapple.

Maybe you had a zit in your ear?

Perhaps a fly laid eggs in your ear and there maggots in there. Or a botfly?

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ENT surgeons I worked with always said never put anything smaller than your pinky finger in your ear. Never.

Ear, nose, and tits?

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Put some tussin in it.


Those surgeons had disgusting ears. I use 1 q-tip in each ear, with the deepness, after every shower, and I have yet to deafen or even injure myself.


RIP Sweet prince.
You’ll be fine.

Every shower? Tard

Only half-downs. Maybe I should stop scratching my brain itch with q-tips while I’m ahead.

Are you vaccinated


You’ll be fine.

Or not, either way I’m going to keep smoking pot and drinking beer tonight.

Fuck OP trying to ruin my evening with his bathroom drama.

PS. I hope you’re okay.

I broke my ear drum and was bleeding a little … that shit was rough.

Side note, Getting your ear drum repaired is absolutely horrible. Pray for death over any procedure that involves a needle in your ear canal.

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period tampon GIF by BuzzFeed

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