Blending Fruits/Veggies vs Juicing-Gracie Family

Until recently, I never knew people used blenders for veggies or fruits. The informercials for juicers have been on for years. The gracie academy sells a juicer but then has this odd looking bag they use to squeeze out the juice after putting the fruit in a blender. Rener has a video of him blending grapes and doing it.

Why would they (or anyone) use a blender and then drain it using the bag? It struck me as odd, particularly since they sell a juicer.

Leigh, keeping pulp in would be a reason to use blender, however, the gracie's use some type of cheese cloth and the pulp all stays in the cloth.

IMO they offer both just because some people don't want to buy a juicer. Many people already own a blender, so the filter makes sense.

looked like they scraped the pulp and drank only the grape juice. Seems like you could blend up fruits like grapes but vegetables would be a nightmare.

The last thing I want to do with fruit is remove all that fibre. I gave up juice almost a year ago and don't miss it.