Bless his innocent heart

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The world needs more people like him.

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I hope he washed his hands!

Did he hand it to Orcus?

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You mean hand it back.


I solve that puzzle with my mouth all the time

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cannoli GIF



I’m not sticking that up my ass. If something isn’t specifically designed as a butt plug, then you run the risk of the end breaking off and now you have to go to the hospital and end up with a bill somewhere in the range of $5321.98

Don’t do it guys.


Lol, did that turn up n everyone’s recommended Youtube videos today?

I had assumed it turned up in mine due to the… erm… “questionable” search terms I use :slight_smile:

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I see a lot of posts on here that are YouTube vids that were in my algorithm earlier in the day. I wonder in the cookies from here go to youtube? Or Vice versa. Clearly they are were depraived.

I’ve given up trying to understand the Youtube recommended algorithm. Sometimes I go there and in my recommended is the most random, shitty video that was posted 5 years ago. If I click on it and read the comments, there tends to be a ton of “What the fuck is this doing in my recommended?” type posts.

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