BLESSED CURSE- u must choose

the god of food presents you with a choice of a blessed curse. you have to choose one. punishment for not choosing one or for breaking the blessing is painful torture for 24 hours then death. all blessings come with a calorie counter and timer you can conjure up in your brain or eye, and an optional alarm you can turn on or off when time is running out

*if somebody else forces you to break the rules you are safe. this can be by accident or intentional. it will not count as ending the blessing. however, natural disasters and weather you do not get an exemption from

  • 1- BLESSING -you never have to shit or pee or have the sensation and feeling of needimg to. it will just dissapear in your body after you eat. you can still fart if you want to. CURSE -you can never eat more than your BMI of calories in 24 hours. a timer is permantly set at a certain time and it resets every 24 hours. if you esceed just 1 calorie you break the blessing
  • 2- BLESSING- you are provided a food pill and a water pill. both of them have the perfect about of calories and nutrients and liquid for you to live a healthy life. you also feel no hunger or fullness sensations. CURSE- you can never eat any food or other liqued again. you can only eat the pills. the second you choose to eat other food or drink something you are transported to the dungeon where you are tortured for 24 hours and killed
  • 3-BLESSING - you can conjure up any type of food you see or can think off. simply think of it and it will show on a table or plate for you. you cant use this power to make money and sell food. the food is only visable to you. you are allowed to eat as much as you want. CURSE for every calorie you eat you have to burn half that amount doing at least light cardio movement, in 36 hours. a magic heartrate monitor alrets you when your BPM are high enough for it to count. so say you eat 2000 calories, you must burn 1000 calories off over the next 36 hours doing at least light cardio.

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  1. Seems the most practical. And 2 is fucking stupid