Bling Bling Worm!!!!!!!\

Anyone ever hear of bling bling worm

It is kind of like ringworm but only rich people get it

Instead of a small circle with a black spot in the middel you get a small circle with a diamond in the middle

Pretty Cool

You must be from Stockton, cause this is a stupid thread.

strips naked & begins search allllllllll over body

offers to help in search

wonders where my clothes went & stares at  jester suspiciously

stands with hands behind back and looks up while whistling a little tune

I actualy want one can you order it on the internet?

I have broke broke worm. It's a small circle with a cubic zirconia in the middle.

I know a guy that know a guy that can get you one. He doesn't deal with strangers that way he doesn't find any police trouble. So send cash small unmarked untracable bills to me...