BLM insider: blm movement doesnt help black people

Thanks captain obvious

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He’s wrong. BLM leadership does plenty to help BLM leadership on the donor’s dime. The regular “membership” are useful pawns.

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The ultimate ponzi scheme?


So… They’re a union!?


BTW unionizing race is in fact one of the most racist things you could possibly do.


As a union member, I have to say…

You ain’t half wrong.

Lol, shocking. A communist organization run by lesbians that takes the money and buys mansions doesn’t actually care about the people they pretend to?!

Duh. The far left is using minorities to gain power and exert their agenda, the same way Marxist/communists used the working class. Just like Marxism/communism didn’t benefit the working class, BLM and the leftist agenda won’t benefit the lives of blacks and other minorities

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Im Not Surprised Nate Diaz GIF by UFC

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you mean, he actually read the stated beliefs/principles on the official Black Lives Matter website…which clearly states their intentions

BLM is anti straight male/anti straight Black male . its language focuses on “Trans” and LGBTQ Black people and women…obviously leaving out regular Black males and Fathers

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So… They’re a union!?

So the OG is a union?

their motivation is to pull down the rest of the country not to pull up the black community.

How much money do you pay into the OG?

Never go full retard…

Makes me wonder if there isn’t some agenda in place! I’ll leave it at that.