BLM leader SHOT in the head

Anyone have experience converting left hand drive diesel vans into Shag Wagons? Damn, I really hate the idea of spending the money on another one.

Buck Naked?

Did this nasty cunt die yet?


Every time I see this thread title I smile. Good bump.


Even better she was crossfire from a gang dispute. She became exactly what she used to sweep under the rug


Hold up a second. This girls is a marxist racist and a race baiting poverty pimp that hustled her own kind out. She wants you and yours dead as well. Am I happy she’s worn food? You bet. And I wish it on every other piece of shit out there as well, the question is why are you trying to garner sympathy for her? Better yet why are you trying to guilt the OG for feeling this way after knowing the facts about her?


Single mother, shot in the head at a party at 3am. Sounds like her parenting skill are top notch. What a great “leader” for BLM.


Bunch of idiot primates here celebrating attempted murder and street violence. Nothing to see. Look at the first dozen posters on this thread and you essentially have the core of the chimp cave this place has devolved into picking insects off each other and eating them in public.

I know you are slow, so let’s try to instill perspective:

  1. BLM cries (I guess including you) when specifically a white cops shoots a black criminal. 0.0004% of black deaths.

  2. BLM and the entire left is NOWHERE to be found when a black is killed by other blacks. 99% of black deaths.

YOU (And your fellow libtards) CAUSED our mockery of this event. Imagine this, a BLM leader shot by the exact thing they and every liberal are ignoring. It’s IRONIC.

Where’s BLM and your pink pussy hat wearing liberal women on this one?

Fuck BLM, this bitch and every hypocritical liberal.

Is this clear enough for you?


What a waste. A real man would have had this bitch under wraps. Fairly cute, strong willed. Instead some fuck head dumps a baby in her and leaves.

The absolute bane of Black Culture everywhere is the lack of a father in the household.

She probably didnt have one either.

Fucking hell.

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You mean a strong black father in the house taking care if his family? :joy::joy::joy:

Remember in the BLM manifesto they are against the nuclear family… and it works for De-Andre who wants to be a playa and slap dem ho’s.

Liberalism caused this. I have zero sympathy, absolutely zero.

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This woman was all about hatred and division. And she was a single mother, partying at 3 am, in a gang infested neighborhood.

Allow me to play the world’s smallest violin…
girl dad GIF


I can’t tell, nobody seems to actually say anything.

What dirt did she have against hillary?

Sasha Johnson: Second man charged over shooting of Black rights activist

Teenager Devonte Brown was charged with conspiracy to commit murder over the shooting of Black Lives Matter activist

He appeared at the Westminster Magistrate’s court on Saturday 12 June, and will remain in custody until he appears at the Old Bailey on 7 July.

On Friday evening, Devonte Brown was charged with conspiracy to commit murder, over the shooting of Sasha Johnson.

Mr Brown, 18, is the second teenager to be charged with conspiracy to commit murder over the incident.

On 26 May, five others were arrested in connection with the shooting. Four have been released on bail until late June.

The fifth, Cameron Deriggs, 18, however, was charged with conspiracy to commit murder at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on 29 May. He too was remanded in custody, and will appear at the Old Bailey on 25 June.

Single mom partying with thugs while her child is somewhere