Block users? need paid sub?

how do i block users? do i need a paid sub? if so, was tendies sent to the post a pic thread to help sell subscriptions?

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ouch wall GIF

click on their avatar, click on the big avatar that pops up, far right “normal” drop down menu “ignore”

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hm. thanks for the reply … clicking the big avatar that pops up doesnt seem to do anything just says user public profile is hidden

I had to go profile preferences users ignore, since tendies profile is blocked. Trying it for a day to see how it works, then he’s unblocked and I can ridicule him some more.

lol ok will give it a try

ty sir!

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Just ad a notification of an update from tendies, go to pics not never funny, and nothing…

Perfect !

her mama is super protective over the rights to bruce’s image as well as maintaining the value of that image, etc and i think shannon is just following suit, even when they have no legal claim.

she may additionally be frustrated at her inability to do anything about this and is lashing out with her racist rant in the hopes it will dissuade qt and anyone else in the future