Blocked from success


Thanks for the response, and I've been putting a lot of thought into all of this and what you and Scott have said so far.

At the very least, I'll most likely check out the tape if I decide (and my doctor) that I can still train. But right now, I'm going to poke around in the Archives and see what I can glean...

People want advice and while a thought, a phrase, a quote is often a turning point in persecptive, WORK is still to be done.

What are you willing to invest to reframe, to retrain, to revamp...?? Not just money, but time, sweat, blood....

Read HOW GOOD ARE YOU OUT OF THE HOLE and in the ARCHIVES,read the thread titled WHATS UP DOC.


I've already posted this in training enhancement, and someone directed me here... Anyways...

I've been training in grappling now for nearly ten years, first in Wrestling, then in Judo and Sambo and now I've moved into the strange waters of 'Submission grappling' Moving between Judo, BJJ, wrestling and submission grappling training.

While I have been studying for a long while, my performances in competitions have been nothing but disappointing. As of right now I am 5-8 (1-6 in submission) in grappling matches in any competition, from Judo to wrestling to BJJ to almost anything else.

Now, this is something I can not simply understand. According to those I train with, I am not lacking in talent or attributes or in 'game skills' in no matter what game I'm currently playing. Also in non-competition enviroments, I am able to fair much better against fighters who are much better than the people I lose to in grappling matches at competition.

Now, more than a few of those loses come at my own hands, such as competing at the behest of someone else that I am coaching and in another case, competiting simply because I already had the hotel in Toronto booked 8 months in advance and the event already paid for... In all those cases I was without training for weeks before the events due to real life problems... But those are simply excuses I shouldn't be making... I feel.

But still, I suspect that it's a mental hindrance that is killing my performance... Ever since I found myself instructing my friends, I've found that my killer instinct and instinct to take a win has left me...

All of this is very discouraging to someone like me who loves to compete, but simply doesn't always have the time to train as hard as he needs to... And is right now sidelined with an injury that might remove me from the game for more than a year.

Anyways, I don't know if I've really posted in the right forum... But maybe someone can give me some insight...

Peace Through Superior Tactics,
'Kai Tremeche'

Im sure Tony will have some words as wisdom as well as others...have you ever thought of seeing a good sports psychologist in your area to talk about this? or read up on some sports psych and developmental psych?

Injuries and setbacks are very tough mentally and emotionally in an athletic career...but they can be overcome...

Good Luck


Your problem definetly sounds 'mind-set' oriented and if your assessment and those of your colleagues is true [regarding skill/attibutes, etc] then it definately sounds like a head-thing.

Technically simple to fix, the trick is getting on it name and not demanding a quick-fix, but rather exploring the inner game without the pressure of the result.

Also, recognize that is has been building up for some time, so likely as focused as you 'think' you are on the game, the subtler power of performance anxiety will manipulate skills: mind navigates body.

It would seem you have now built up a fear of the result and lost your enjoyment of the experience [the most common mental disease that almost assures a medicore performance].

I have a ton of threads in the ARCHIVES [located just above the threads list to the left] that have many many ideas that will adress this.

At this tage I would recommend some personal reflection [why you compete, specifically? Are you defined more by training, competition, results? Heavy quesitons if truly analyzed]

Sift through the ARCHIVES. Do your homework there for a bit and let me know if you need other tips.

If you want to supplment your training with some material check out our PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT PSYCHOLOGY audio tape or COMPETITION COACHING video, there might be a couple of simple ideas that can help.

Best of luck.