Blogger stealing articles..

So I get an email from this Polish blogger today asking me if I want to use his interview with Pawel Nastula for one of my articles. As compensation he wants me to credit him for the interview.

I recognized his email as I emailed the same guy about four months ago when I stumbled upon a Denis Kang article I wrote posted on his site with his name in the byline. In the email I told him to cease stealing from other sites or give credit where credit is due.

So out of interest, I decide to visit his site today to double check that he had changed his ways and what do I see? -- A story I wrote on Cyrille Diabate signing with EliteXC with his name listed under "Author:".

The guy has balls, I'll give him that, but how stupid to draw attention to his site when he's stealing from me.

MMA writers don't get paid millions. It pisses me off when people steal other people's hard work.


The Fight Network

UPDATE: Just checked back. He gave TFN credit for the article and actually wrote "(Sorry)" after the credit.

Still doesn't make it right in my eyes. Like telling a store clerk "sorry" after he catches you shoplifting.

DMCA doesn't apply in Poland (although they are apparently in the midst of trying to enact something similar) - check if his site is hosted in a country that will enforce a DMCA notice, otherwise you are out of luck.

He asked you to give him credit for one of his articles (which may be stolen) while he was stealing yours ?

LOL awesome.

I know, right?
Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.