Blonde Haired Chicks with Dark Eyebrows (Hot Child in the City)

She is horrible. Vapid and vitriolic.

Chola eyebrows!

Hahah! What is Trump doing here?

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Tell me you’re not a real blond without telling me you’re not a real blond.


The gal that plays Ciri in Witcher show on Netflix; season one has bleached hair and eyebrows…looks like an alien. Season 2, bleached hair…dark eyebrows…looks hot.

I think OP needs to do more homework.

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OP; Tell me you’re a homo without telling me you’re a homo



Stop the furry eyebrow madness…

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Blonde pubes


Last thing I’m looking at is if the eyebrows and hair match.

does the carpet match the pubes?

All fucking day son…ALL FUCKING DAY!!

of course you do. when your alter screen name posts it. lol

what a fucking fraud you are.

did you get over there real quick and vote it up!?

UUUUGGGHH! Gross. A nice muff is iok. But that shit gotta look like elephant grass and animals hiding and sheeit.


I assume Daenerys popularized it


Does the hair match the “carpet?”

Do the eyebrows, hair and carpet match?