Blood and Sand IV Cornbread in Main Event





Don't Miss this show Saturday Night. Jimmy Mills fighting for his first title. He faces current champion Rhomez Brower. Rhomez is as tough as they come and he and Jimmy are going to make for an unbelievable fight of attrition.

James Orso is looking to revenge his loss to Robert Thompson with a huge rematch.

Come support Port City and the guys from Alabama.

Bower is a stud of sorts. Just defeated Brent Weedman who is nasty.

Well, I guess I have to pull for Orso... "Nothing personal. It's just business."

I used to train with Rho in NC. He fought Dave Hulett and also Kenny Stevens in my first two shows. What a guy. Tough Mofo. I've thought about bringing himn back to Alabama when I get home.


Congrats to James Orso for his TKO against Thompson in the first round. Congrats to bigmills008 for winning the title.

Apparently, Thompson was in bad shape after the fight & worried that he might not be able to drive back home today.

TTT for a safe drive home.

From what I've been told, yes (left hook).

Not sure about the other.

Orso looked like a man possesed. He hit Robert Thompson with everything. Many knees to the head. Rights, lefts you name it he unleashed on Robert. To Roberts credit he absolutely showed tons of heart trying to stay in the fight. He just was overwhelmed by Orso'S striking game.

Jimmy and Rhomez, two class act guys who I am proud to have had on our card. They both showed what it is to be a mixed martial artist. Both guys put it on the line with Jimmy being the better man. After the show, they went out togethor in Biloxi to enjoy the after party. I personaly can not say how proud I was of both guys. Jimmy is a true Champion and the 185 class is his home to stay. Rhomez is going to go down to 170lb (the weight he beat Brent Weidman) and he is going to be a force.

I will post full resorts shortly.

Congrats to the New FFI Middleweight Champion


Thanks for the support guys. It was a really fun fight. Rho is a warrior and a really cool guy.

Congrats to Orso on avenging his loss to Robert. I heard he was on fire.

If pep ever had any cool points he lost them with his previous statement.

Williepep, same guy.

illegal knee, fight should have been stopped!

AND...Pep is cool just for being associated with Team Blazer!



Not that Jimmy needs me to take up for him but I think that many of the guys at Slaughterhouse have a little distane for the way things went down with danny. He spoke with noone just packed up the gym and took his ring and left. I am sure danny helped with Orso's striking but he also burnt many bridges on the way. One with me, after a phone call I recieved from him about matching james on one of our cards on the coast. He was so disrespectful, I told bob I would not use anyone from there if I had to deal with Danny.

So lets be sure we have an understanding. Jimmy is a champion and also a leader of the slaughterhouse team and showed that leadership expressing that the actions of Danny were not one of a true teammate and coach and will not be tolerated by the mobile team. I am sure he did not want to get into such detail but I think everyone reading the thread that had any knowledge of the history understood where he was coming from.

Top for the New FFI MW Champion Jimmy"Cornbread"Mills


Williepep-yep still overseas. Ill be here until Jan 09. Its a long ass deployment but they are paying me well. This place is alot different... it kinda sucks and its a completely different way of life. You have to walk everywhere to get to anything. It stays dusty as shit. A sandstorm is outside right now and your line of sight is cut to a really short distance. Ive got some pictures up on myspace, even of a dust storm. Its a private profile but if you add me you can see them. I think Blazer is my friend. He or anyone else with a blue name can go in there and pull em, add em to a photobucket and post them on here if anyone is interested. Thanks for asking and Ill definately see you all when I get home.

The way Danny D left (packing up in the middle of the night) was pretty shady, but that doesn't diminish his abilities as a boxing coach. I'm just saying.


Thank you for the kind words.

Pep don't tell me how to act. I was making a joke. Didn't know you were so damn sensitive.

James didn't start out with Danny anyway he started with Johnny Smith.

i don't really use myspace, but tried to send a package that came back to me. Whats that full address Jason? Some UFC DVD's and Pride for you guys!!!! KOTC too! And, um, some porn!

Full results

Blood and Sand IV
April 5th 2008
Ms Coast Coliseum

Gil Lebeouf (XFA) def. Bufford Wingate (Dixons Dungeon) 1:30 1st rd. by KO

Shiloh Pisarich (Gracie Barra) def. Nathon Redmond 1:18 1st rd. by arm bar

Kyle Bullock (Gracie Barra) def. Brandon Burleigh (XFA) 1:50 1st rd. by rear naked choke

Justin Hallihan (Remix) def. Andrew Pagon 1:27 1st rd. by rear naked choke

Dustin McLean (Gracie Barra) def. Randolf Cole (Dixons Dungeon) 2nd rd. by rear naked choke

Mark Kergosien (Gracie Barra) def. Bobby Hill 1:00 1st rd. by rear naked choke

Justin Friddle (XFA) def. Anthony Mitchell 3rd rd. by KO

Bret Hoda def. Brian Haley 1:00 1st rd. by rear naked choke

Thomas Webb (XFA) def. Adrien Miles by decision

James Hudson (Gracie Barra) def. Courtney Pollard 2:05 1st rd. by rear naked choke

Harris Stevenson def. Chris Pham (XFA) 1:05 1st rd. by rear naked choke

Derrick Arcement (Gold Dragon) def. Jesus Rios 1:27 1st rd. by arm bar

Drew Wallace def. Chris Friddle (XFA) .08 2nd rd. KO

Todd Peltier (Gracie Barra) def. Paul Thomassie .13 1st rd. by KO

James Sharp (Remix) def. Josh Herron by decision

Charlie Rader (XFA) def. Aaron Fetz 1:30 2nd rd. by submission due to strikes

Chris Bell (Team Dogpound) def. Jason Floyd (Remix) 1:20 2nd rd. by rear naked choke

Wes Shivers def. Greg Maher (Dixons Dungeon) 1:42 1st rd. by KO

James Orso def. Robert Thompson 2:53 1st rd. by submission due to strikes

Jimmy Mills (Team Slaughterhouse)def. Rhomez Brower by decision (Middleweight Championship bout)