Blood chokes from the mount?

Are there any good no-gi blood chokes from the mount besides the side choke (kata-gatame in judo) and the triangle choke?

I know the fist choke and the forearm choke from there, but I always seem to attack the windpipe with them. Also, the side choke works better for me if I get off the mount at the last moment and finish it from the side mount. Finally, with the triangle choke from the mount, I tend to want to roll to my guard to finish it, so actually, I don't know any blood choke that finishes (for me) from the mount :)


Yeah, maybe you already said it, and we call it something different, the cross lapel choke.

Ooops, I forgot to mention that I only do no-gi BJJ and can't really do collar chokes.


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When mounted, use your forearm to completely smash their nose........ then watch them start choking on their own blood as it runs back and down and into their throat while you stay mounted.

"Blood choke from Mount"


Seriously, I think you've got the no-gi chokes from mount pretty well covered, jonpall. Without the gi, you only have a very limited number of ways to apply pressure and leverage to both sides of the neck when you are mounted. Anything besides what you've mentioned would probably be very "low percentage" in nature.

There is one other blood choke that I have actually used a few times with success that involves the knife edge of the hands, but this will only work on people who have low or no escaping skills from their back, and I'm not sure how it would even be viewed within tourney regulations. I can describe it more fully later if you want (gotta run - dinner's ready), but like I said- - it's pretty much good against the low to none skilled only. Any decent BJJ practitioner would get out quick.



This is what I do:

Hook the head with one arm really deeply so the point of your elbow is on the mat and you are lifting the guys head a little off the mat.

Take your head and push the top of your head against his jaw. This opens up his neck a little.

Take the hand underhooking the head and grab your other arms wrist.

Make a fist with your other hand and push the index and middle finger knuckles into the other side of his neck.

This works great.

If the guy trys to defend by blocking the choke, go to arm bar or the back.


This is the "fist choke" :) I don't know how high percentage it is, but I've used it several times in sparring, both to finish and to open up for something else. It's in the "Fighter's Notebook", by the way.

no-gi ezekial, or is that your forearm choke?

you can do a guillotine but to finish you have to go to your triple threat/total holddown position.
from mount make base with head and hand. use other arm to entwine neck. sit off to the side on your knee/heel at the same time gripping arm to set choke. if you are choking with your right hand his head should be on your rightside of ribcage. your left leg should still be over his body. can also start this in side mount and step over into mount. It works, try it.

triangle from mount (not arm triangle)

like an ezekiel?

I do a Wally Jay "Hawaiian Choke" from mount all the time. It's dumb, and can really hurt your fingers, but I do it anyway. From mount, reach past the neck with both hands and intertwine your fingers, then push against the floor while bringing your elbows together. Hurts like hell for both of you, but if you have tougher fingers than he has a neck, you'll get the tap, if not, you get swept.

How do you guys do at holding mount while going for these chokes? It seems like I have to stop choking often when my opp. bumps.

Bludhall: That is a variation of the Folding arm choke. I do it your way on guys with thick necks.

here's one. It doesn't seem to work right at first, but if you figure it out, it works well or at least sets up an armbar or taking their back. Get their right arm pressed across their neck. You can do this by using your head or body for leverage to pry and pin it across their neck. Then while holding their arm in place with your body, pass your left arm behind their head. Use your right hand to hand their right wrist to your left hand, so that now you can use that to keep their arm wrapped around their head. Now, you can pass your right wrist between their right arm and their body until it is passing under their pinned right arm and across the right side of their neck. Step up onto your foot with your right leg, and slide your left knee up close to their head so you pivot into a modified mount. Having their arm tied up will keep them pinned there and slightly on their side. Now, squease their neck with their own arm on the far side by pulling their trapped arm in tightly with your left hand that is controlling their arm. At the same time, drive the knife edge of your right forarm into the near side of their neck. This should cut off both sides effectively. You kinda have to play with the angle to find how it works effectively. If nothing else, they're set up pretty good for an armbar, or you can push them up onto their side, pull them back on top of you and throw your hooks in for backmount.