Blood Clot, anybody with a history?

Two weeks ago I developed a femoral blood clot in my left thigh. I have been told to stay off my feet and keep my foot elevated until the clot dissolves. It is incredibly painful. It turns out to be hereditary and it is my third blood clot. It is the same thing that killed my sister back in 1998. I'll be on blood thinners for the rest of my life and as a result I've been told that I should avoid being thrown due to the risk of internal bleeding. I can still throw, drill and do newaza randori.

Several months ago we installed a sprung floor at our gym. reduces the impact by about 50%. My plan once that the blood clot has dissolved is to have my son throw me around a bit and then for the rest of the day I will observe myself to see if I have any substantial bruising.

Do any of you guys have any experience with this?


Sorry to hear about your condition. With all the brusing /scrapes/cuts that happen in judo from throws/matwork how would this affect your condition? I would start first with what do I need to avoid and that would tell me what I can do. And advice from someone who has this condition would be extremely helpfull.

Blood clots ended Jesse Ventures pro wrestling career. He was told the body slams etc could kill him. They're nothing to be screwed with.

Sorry to hear about you situation. Good luck.

Dynamo, sorry for not replying sooner as I usually only read the BJJ forum

I'm 42, have a similar condition and am on blood thinners for the rest of my life. This was diagnosed in '08. I am an Ikkyu in Judo, and a blue belt in BJJ.

Short answer: I still did randori in Judo with little to no problems until I recently decided to switch over to only BJJ. This was due to a bad knee and some other injuries, not risk of bruising or bleeding.

My advice is simple...choose your training partners well. No crazies or guys trying to prove how tough they are by power bombing you into the tatami. Competiton may not be the wisest choice either and you probably can't sign a waiver if you're being honest. By no means are blood thinners a death sentence to your grappling, and I hope you stay healthy and have shit tons of fun on the mats for a long life.

Thanks Siuhung,

I'm back on the mat, have not done any randori yet but soon. I'm taking falls with no brusing whatsoever. Psychologically it took a little bit of time but I'm progressing quite nicely. I'll watch whom I roll with and only go with people I trust. The floating floor we installed last October probably saved my judo/sambo career. Thanks again.

Dude.... Seriously??? Cant you just like stick a syringe into yourself and suck the clot out? Kinda like taking a straw into a strawberry milkshake and getting those bits of strawberry caught at the end????

Makes sense to me....!

But, honestly, my medical experiences have taught me a few things.. one is that there are lots of doctors out there who finished last in med school and you dont know if your guy is that guy.. so, always get more than 1 opinion.

two, take it slow. afterall, it isn't the years, it is the miles.

Clot is gone Josh, the only concern now is bleeding due to the blood thinners. I'm down to half the dose that was prescribed. If I hit my head there would be a concern about a brain bleed but I talked to a cardiac surgeon that I used to coach and he said that the risk for that is low. He further said that giving up judo/sambo would be more detrimental to my health.

Sorry for the loss of your sister. No history myself but I've seen enough patients (and a one or two friends/co-workers) who have had clots (both in legs and lungs). My medical experience (as an RN) has taught me that blood clots and blood thinners are a serious and potentially life threatening matter. It would be nice to just suck the clot out (which they can do sometimes). Of course that doesn't address the problem of why someone has developed a blood clot in the first place. We usually think of elderly patients taking blood thinners because of Afib (irreg heart rhythm) or because of past stroke or heart surguries. Being on blood thinners does put you at higher risk for internal bleeding if involved in trauma. The bleed that can kill you is not the bleed (bruise) that you can see. Like your cardiac surgeon said. Protect you head (and neck) from getting banged on and you should be ok. Its standard for paramedics to ask if an older person is on thinners if involved in an accident or fell and hit their head (even just from standing height). The older you get the more risk goes up (for various reasons). I don't think they would generally even consider to ask it if the person is young (but prob should... I'll ask some guys about that). Risks and make your priorities and decisions based on being fully informed. Good luck and take care.

Thanks TerreM,

I wear a medical alert bracelet with a USB that has all of my medical history, meds, contact info. I know if something were to happen like a slip/fall where I hit on head on concrete I should immediately go to the ER.

Just remember, you are the HNIC... you get to do the throwing, let some other idiot take the falls.