This is still the best bloodbath pic ever:

TTT for blood.


 I was thinking this when the lasts went off last night.

watch the video, its squirting out pretty good a few times.

We were taking down the cage at an IFC show in Susanville Ca.I shit you not,there was so much blood in one spot of the cage,that it penetrated the canvas,the half inch of foam pad & down onto the plywood.Sorry I dont have pics,and cant remember the fighters (true story)


Pele Landi Jons vs Jorge Pereira.



Take that Lytle pic down. It ruins the Kos haters' argument about him still being a blanket,105267885

WTF is a Thapain?

SpiderRicco - WTF is a Thapain?

isn't that the spot between your balls and your ass?