Bloodiest Match Ever?

I know this isn't the winner but one of the bloodiest ones I've ever seen was the I QUIT match between Magnum TA and Tully Blanchard.

Any of "The Sheik vs. Abdullah the Butcher" matches

Mass Transit. 'Nuff said.

--Dibiase vs Flair (mid south--85 or so) Ted bled like crazy for 10 minutes after a dick murdoch brainbuster on concrete.

--Carlos Colon vs Hercules Hernandez texas death match
(Carlos' blood was so thick it was gruesome)

--manny fernandez vs invader 3 (invader vomits fake blood)

--pat patterson vs sgt slaughter MSG '81 (Incredible blade job by the sarge)

--hogan vs iron shiek spectrum 85 (gross match)

--shiek/abby vs funks Japan '77 (all 4 bleed)

--Abby vs Terry Funk (Japan '77--abby tears funk's leg up with fork)

god, so many more!

Chris Jerico bladed really good in Smokey Mt. Wrestling.

Abdullah's fork should be in the Smithsonian.

Ivory vs. Lita, 2001. They were both getting visited by Aunt Flo.

Cactus Jack vs Terry Funk - King of Death Match finals

2nd nomination for Mass Transit (I still crack up at: "Ring the bell he's 17 years-old!!!")

Great Muta vs. Hase (Complete with Hase driving a spike into Muta's head)

Bill Alfonso vs. Beluah

Akira Hokuto vs. Kandori in Dreamslam

Mass Transit w/o a doubt


I thought I read that Invader puking blood thing was legit...are you sure it was fake?

Invader 3 drank vodka mixed with animal blood. It was not his own blood.

go to this website for clips of mass transit and other hardcore stuff.

"Chris Jerico bladed really good in Smokey Mt. Wrestling"

that is the truth, the match where The Thrill Seekers vs. The Heavenly Bodies, Jericho had a broken arm in that match.

His blood was all over Brian Hildebrand, and every where else.

don't forget the Sheepherders vs the Fantastics barb wire matches... years of them.
Maybe more blood in that feud than in any other.

I vote for Shiek-Abdulah the Butcher