Bloodline on Netflix

Just finished this series. Anyone watched it? Highly recommend it. 

pretty awesome. similar to ozark in that there are so many moving parts it seems almost impossible to get out of anything. always a new hurdle to clear. 


i probably like those two shows equally. maybe bloodline a little more. 

Shut up Meg!

I just finished it two days ago.  Immediately checked to see if there was going to be a season four, and sadly there isn’t.  

one of the worst season finales since dexter

Awesome show! Great acting. Stressful to watch because they bounce from one problem to the next. 

alexm41 -

one of the worst season finales since dexter

the show wasn't ready to be done. they got cancelled and had to wrap it up much quicker than intended. 


From what I remember, season 1 was pretty damn good but season 2 dropped quite a bit andthelast season was pure garbage..

They should have just wrapped it all up in season 1.. There wasn't enough material to warrant multiple seasons

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Excellent series. I wish there were more seasons.

Great show, slow burner to start but worth watching for suuuuuuure

One of the best shows I have seen, primarily because it was only 3 seasons, beginning, middle, end....the ending was a tad rushed because they had some tax changes in Florida that would have made filming another season 3x as expensive, so they cut it short.

Fantastic acting. Dark, gritty, suspenseful.

Loved it. Also, highly recommended.