Bloodline S2, E 9 question

Don't want to spoil anything for anyone but I have a question pertaining to season 2 episode nine :

The guys who brought the boat to Kevin's yard at night and ,unexpectedly encountered Kevin, who were they? At least one of them looked familiar from earlier episodes but i can't place him. Thanks and please don't spoil episode 10.

coke dealers, dudes above the white bait shop guy.

great finale, cant wait for season 3.

Lowery's "bosses"......the big thing is, this showed that the super rich guy who is backing the campaign is part of (or appears to be a part of) the whole drug running thing.

I figured drug dealers,are they tied up with Lowery? Anyone remember what episode those dudes were in prior to episode 9? Thanks.

they were above in rank of lowery, they were in season 1 as well

The old dude gets shadier every episode. This point really was driven home as he acted very understanding w/ Kevin about giving him more time,etc and when Kevin signed and extended his hand out to shake,the old dude just left.

I am starting to recall those dudes threatening Lowery in an earlier episode about the missing coke. Great show,hate to finish the season.

I kinda remember them but all us white guys tend to look alike.