Bloodstain Lane vs Wing Chun Man (Shawn Obasi) Vid

Friendly MMA fight?

Any blue?

Where is the brutality?
I saw no Bloodstains!
Purple belt? REALLY?

Stop spamming for this clown.

13 years boxing experience right there LOL

 I think the guy is entertaining and like his videos, but there is no way he's been boxing consistently for 13 years.


bloodstain did better than i thought!

make it happen !

Bloodstain is good people.

GodSaveTheQueen - 
IRISH ARE INFERIOR TO GREEKS - lol he fought like all the guys he bashes. both of them are dire.

 Bloodstain Lane would fuck up a hot-dog in 10 seconds fat.



The best thing he could do was be fat and lay on somebody...

Bloodstain "John Madsen" Lane

Bloodstain did better than i would have imagined.

lol.....That was sad.

i had it 20-18, bsl, going into the 3rd. great fight!


lol at him being a purple belt I have seen first day white belts with better technique on the ground

He may have exaggerated his training experience but he looked decent in there. I also hope Bloodstain Lane and his camp submit an appeal to the commission due to Wing Chun Man's obvious holding of the fence which caused him to reverse BSL's takedown and land in mount for the eventual armbar.

 do these guys post here?

I always knew BL was a little chunky. But, in his videos he does a great job of hiding it because he looked pretty big. But, props to him he didn't look too bad.


Jweinberg -  for a chubby guy he has good cardio..

 Agreed. Good job BL. Decent footwork in the beginning...nice timing and transition to a few of those takedowns. Stayed relaxed. Better than most of the population, just not me.

How much you weigh?

 this was a sparring session right?