Blown Head Gasket?

Hi everyone, need some help...I have a 95 Toyota 4 cyl Tacoma 5 speed with 230k miles. Now when I drive it the temp. gauge goes up then drops down to mid way, this happens often, also I am having to add radiator fluid every so often, but there are no hose leaks. I checked the oil and at the end of the dipstick the oild looks a little milky. Do I have a blown head gasket? If so what does that typically cost at a mechanic?

Yep......very common on the V6 of that era since there was a campaign on them.

Yes, you have a blown 4 cylinder head gasket if you see no leakage.

Damn, about how much will that cost me to repair at a mechanic? I have to decide if I should just buy a new truck?

That depends entirely on the mechanic doing the work and who he works for.

No clue on the current cost but where I last worked on cars we charged $130.00 an hour labor.

should be either a 2RZ-FE or 3RZ-FE