Blue Belt in BJJ

How many years of training would it take me to obtain one of these. How difficult would it be? Would i be a competant BJJer after it?

The average time to get a Blue Belt in BJJ if you train 3-4 times a week
is anywhere from 1 to 1 1/2 years. It also depends on how quick you
pick up techniques and put them into action in sparring situations.
Also how you perform compared with other students (whites & blue
belts). It also depends on who your teachers is and what their format
of promotion is. Every BJJ school has their own way and expectations of
what it takes to be a BJJ blue belt..

good luck!

Depends who is giving you the blue belt. Some get it in 1 year at least.

It took me 18 months to get my Blue, another 3 added onto that for my
purple..and another 2 1/2 to get my brown..

For the average person, it takes approximately 10 years to get a Black
Belt...unless you are BJ Penn (who got his BB in 5 yrs. but then again,
he trained 4-5+ hours a day and did not hold down jobs like most of
us do)

I am not in any way taking away from BJ. But if I could train as much
and often as he did and have parents that financially supported my
dream, I would have my BB in the same amount of time..

And got to give props to the man as he is SKILLED...

I dont know him personally but when I would drop into Claudios back
in 1999-2000 he was often there training. He was always respectful
from what I saw...

Hey I give him props but think it's sad that his parents actually paid for him to do that instead of making him pay himself it would have made him appriciate it more.I think it's cool he did that though but he is spoiled and you can tell.

took me a year

2 1/2 years for me due to injuries. Probably would have gotten it somwhere around 18 months.

You can usually get them within a week or two if they are in stock.If you order one now you may be able to get it in time for x-mas

2 months or so for me.

my instructor will give me mine in 8 years. eric newell

lol @ miller

Uncle Justice: Took me 2 months, then another 2 to get to Blue with Two Stripes.

Now I've only done Judo, Sombo, wrestling and Submission wrestling since 1997. I just started training BJJ officially back in August.