Blue Belt Taps 3 BJJ BlackBelts!

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I went to a seminar and witnessed the craziest thing.

I saw a blue belt tap out 3 black belts with the same move.

He not only tapped them once, he did it 2-3 times to each of them with the same move.

I asked him what move was that..HE told me it was called the Hurricane.

The guy posts on here regularly. His sn is Phatboy.. I think this move blows away the Twister . It is amazing how bjj keeps evolving. Has anyone else seen this besides me?

Could somebody post a picture of this technique

Where's the other thread about this? I think they said it's a wrestling move so it's more like grappling in general or submission wrestling is evolving. I don't see a reason to credit it to bjj.

I have to see this move if a blue is tapping blacks with a technique

From: phatboy

Date: 04/07/06 04:37 PM
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The twister to me is like the guilitine from high school wrestling days. The Hurricane is diffrent it doesnt twist the spine it holds the opponent tight while applying pressur to multiple areas . The tap can come from diff places depending how I apply it. I would love the chance to roll with eddie.He is much better than me but the Hurricane if sunk in will get the victory!!

No wonder LKMFDC backed down after Phatboy accepted his challenge.

bjj is no match for pro wrestling. Do you see any bjj blackbelts in WWE? Exactly.

so let's see the hurricane!!!!!!!!!!!

yes I want to see this move to




Yourfather you gracie jujitsu master please post the move

Camel toe will be the secret move for sure but you dont want to run in to it!

and you get tapped all day long because you dont seach

and also you never evolve buddy!

everything that works is BJJ. even if its never been done yet, its BJJ, that is the nature of this awesome Brazilian art.

what seminar? what black belts?

lol at this crap. at some mystical seminar, three unnamed black belts were beat by some quasi known blue belt with a fantastic technique