Blue blet pan ams

anyone know the date and time the blue blets start for the pan ams?

Is that you Polar bear? Marco told me you were headed out to compete. Good luck bro! Go kick some ass!!

Probably Friday Afternoon.

what about the women? when do they go...last year they were suppossed to be friday then the pushed them to sunday last minute and most girls had to leave to catch flights!

that was bullshit!


You still need to be there on Friday to checkin. Get there early. They may have weighins at mat side but the registration process will take a while.

hey should call marco up one of these days..he's got some good news for you.

ok so what time is checkin? I decided that I was just gonna get there on thursday 31 and then play it by year. it would suck to get out there and miss my div

thanks tragik. Did he say what time on frid if you reg from the internet? What div weight are you going?


toleksak - good luck at the Pan Ams.

I had stopped in from Pittsfield to train at Marco's a few times before I hurt my left A/C joint and had to miss months of training. Just as I finallyl healed, I hurt my right A/c joint.

Someday when I am healed I'll be back to train at Marco's - if you think about it, let him know that I am looking forward to that.

Are you doing any more MMA fights?

Thanks Allen.. Your def always welcome at Marcos place. Next time you come down..give him a call because we just got our own place about 5 min from the old one. I should have another fight pretty soon. They had me up at the last mass destruction but I was concentrating on the pan ams so I didnt take it. Hope you get better


Tragik, are you competing in the Adult or Masters (30-35) division?

Spoke to Marco and it is indeed good news. The last 2 months have been hell at work, and every time I put an evening aside mother nature did not cooperate. This winter sucked!!! Good luck in the Pan Ams.

Good luck Tyler! I'm sure you will kick ass.