blue mkimonos hybrid

i know this topic has been answered a million times
but do i need to do anything to set the dye in my blue
kimono?i've read different things so i'm not sure what to do.


Modern dyes are already "set." Nothing extra that you need to do!!!!!

Just wash it in cold water, then put it in the dryer for about 20 minutes if you need to shrink it.

- Adam

P.S. Congrats - you now have the best weave on the market. The Hybrid is my most favorite!

thanks for the response,i figured the dye was
all set but i just wanted to make sure.the hybrid
weave seems like it's going to be very confortable
i'm probably going to have to get a white also.

I think you have to do the vinager thing. I didn't do it correctly with my Machado a few years back, and it looked faded the first time I put it on. I did it correctly with my Atama. Luciana could probably answer better than I can, though.

I believe it was Luciana herself that told me the newer ones didn't need anything special done. In any event, I've had no problems just washing and wearing mine, with no color fade at all. Even with black gis.

- Adam