Blue Namer please

At little movie I made in Tribute to the HG

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That was so fricken funny!

thanks Greg. You da man


holy fuck dude.

holy cufk.


The more I watch it the funnier it gets!

oh my word was that ever the greatest thing i have ever seen......all day, that was awesome

Diken Cider for HG'er of the year

Jimmy's dog had me & Mr. Muggles ROLLING!

Post up the one I made for you Jimmy

I'm on my phone, I'll try later.


You guys give me a topic and I'll make another one. Needs to either be one person or 2 people no more. Heres one I made of Yimmys dog

good stuff. lmao at the hillary.


Das some great shit!

well done!

no mention of Naked Jamie, RaRa, or Tracy Lee, FAIL!

give me some time. Those were my first two.