Blue Namer please

incorporate "suck my titties" and "oh Jun On" and it will be instant win.

DC=TALENT!!! I'm so friggin glad I wasn't watching those @ work! LMAO



very nice dc lol

not even that brought JJD out of hiding LMFAO DC that was epic LOL

 LMFukkinAO!!!  I think gets funnier the more you watch.  Good stuff DC.

i garantee you jjd has a hard on right now. LOL!

Just wait till I finished the one on "What school should I Train At?"

Instant classic!!! TTT for DC!!!

funny shit!!!

I took my shot at it no where as good as DC but we will see how this one goes on the Atama ground

NC with the oscar for "best animated drama"

did you email link to BQ?

FRAT lol

fwat. lol

 Watching that got my day off to a great start!

damn I know it is long I was going to make episodes but I was kind of in a zone for the people who watched the quick drama unfold I tried to keep it as accurate as possible and majority of quicks remarks came right from his threads LOL

TTT for DC to do the next one

Good muthah fuken shit

Amazing! Two thumbs up!