Blue namers & Pics?

Can someone let me know if it is possible for us to post pics....and if


[img src="your urlhere"]

replace the [ ] with < >



again change the [ ] with < >

for pictures make sure you have a website hosting them, like or will not show up on this site)

You cannot post pics directly from your harddrive.

Hope that helps.

Thanks alot for the info Eric


Sorry my bad, I forgot to put in:

[img src=""]

Sure dude, no worries, lol.

this is the first pic I ever hosted. I'm so proud

You can also (as long as you are on a PC) cut and
paste from your web site. I add this as every freakin
time I try html, I get a X, but in red.

[img src=""]

again change the brackets to < >

I deleted my pic off photobucket I'm assuming that's why I have a red X here now