Blue Wolf and Dolgo Sumiya...bros?

They are brothers, right? And then they have a third brother who is a sumo wrestler?

Sherdog's right now has Dolgo def. Tom Howard, so I'm kinda confused.

If Blue Wolf and Dolgo are brothers, what is Blue Wolf's real name?

Dolgorsuren Serjbudee = Blue Wolf (27 y/o)

Dolgorsuren Sumiyabazar = former Olympic Freestyle wrestler for Mongolia - lost to Sapp due to injury

Dolgorsuren Dagvadorj = Sumo Grand Champion Asashoryu (23 y/o)

They are all brothers.


So I guess they're like the Emelianenko brothers, with the family name listed first.

Yeah, names in many countries are put in that order on anything official. Dolgorsuren is their family name. I probably should have put commas between them - lastname, firstname - for clarity.

Talented family, although Blue Wolf and Sumiyabazar need a lot more experience before they will make any real impact on MMA. Sumiyabazar strikes me as a lot like Fujita, and has a similar potential, imo.

Asashoryu, the youngest brother, is king of a completely different sport, so he won't be in MMA any time soon.