Bluetooth speaker for multiple devices?

Can anyone recommend a good speaker with microphone that can pair with multiple devices and have the ability to toggle which one via a switch on the BT speaker itself?

I have a single mouse (Logitech M720 Triathlon) that has been amazing for me in terms of saving desk space. I can pair it with my 3 devices and toggle to the one I want to use via a button on the side. I don’t have to disable it on the other devices for it to work on the one I want.

Any good ones for a speaker?

I have a sony srs xg500 that’s pretty good. You can switch between phones or laptop without having to unpair like my old SoundCast one. There’s no built in mic but you can plug one in.


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i have a lot of sonos stuff. i use the sonos app to play music throughout the house, but if i want to listen in one room like podcasts while i am working, i will use apple airplay to select and play on one of the speakers.

Most all modern Bluetooth audio devices do this automatically when A device that’s been previously paired send audio to it. You don’t have to switch anything, just select it from the device your playing from

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The point is that I don’t want all three to produce sounds simultaneously. Just the single source that I select.

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Get a sonos system then. You can select individual speakers via the app.

The Bluetooth speaker will only accept one connection at a time. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one that would play audio from multiple sources simultaneously. State what you’re trying to do exactly and I’m happy to walk you through it.

Sonos is overpriced but nice. There are plenty of cheaper options out there or much better for Sonos money.

how would you build this?

  • wireless sound in every room
  • wireless surround for tv
  • vinyl everywhere with no other components other than turn table and speaker
  • all day portables for outside
  • play at any individual speaker if you want to without connecting/disconnecting/defaulting
  • wife can handle everything

now, the whole thing probably added up to $3500 or $4000 in total over a couple years but im not sure how you would otherwise make that happen

What you’re looking for is technically called ‘multipoint support’ quite a few are available e.g. Bose SoundLink Revolve II it will store in memory 8 connections but will only toggle between two active connections – on the speaker itself or via its app. It’s just a matter of searching and finding something that suits you under multipoint support.

I have 2 client computers and go on meetings at various times. Just don’t want either client to hear the other. Sometimes I’m in a meeting and someone calls me up on the other. Would want to have only one active source at a time.

The 3rd computer is just my own but would also like to add it as a source.