BMF Certification Completed

The PDR BMF Certification took place this past weekend. Awesome
session, great turnout, great energy....

Will post more details later as I had to leave ASAP to go to Georgia for
a seminar. Pictures on the way.


I just got back from the PDR BMF Certification course with some thoughts I would like to share with everyone.

Training with 18 highly motivated PDR Coaches in High Gear was an experience in itself. I have never been involved in such a physically intense course in my life. Just imagine doing force on force training for three straight days in a wide variety of ballistic scenarios.

I have been training with Tony Blauer and his Team for many years now, and it never ceases to amaze me, the amount of evolution in his research and drills.
My favorite drills throughout the weekend were Range Rover, Mirror Drill, and the Threshold drill.
Everything was about dissecting the components of the street fight, and the formulas that lie within creating each scenario, so that your training incorporates credible threats, with credible tactics.
The Ballistic Micro Fight formula can be applied to any arena of fighting, whether that be in the ring, the octogon or the street.
It truly was a great experience, and I look forward to training with everyone again.

Robb Finlayson, PDR Team

The BMF was a fantastic learning experience.
Learning the proper procedures for putting together a
safe and real world applicable BMF was outstanding.
The most important realization I had at the session
was that the BMF was not about putting on High Gear
having a scenario and then beating each other up. But
was a safe and scientific procedure for preparing one
for the dangers of the street. While I had little bits
and pieces this session showed how to really start
putting the puzzle together properly. Safety is not
just about the street, but the proper training
protocol. And that is what the BMF session delivered.
How to be prepared for the street and how to do in the
most effective and safe way possible.
If I had to pick out a favorite drill from the
session I really could'nt. But that is because of the
"Lego System" and how you start to see how everything
is interdependent upon one another. Nothing stands
alone or is done just for the sake of doing something
else or different. I would say though that just the
understanding of whether a drill is static, dynamic or
alive was eye opening for a better understanding of
the entire BMF process. As well as the "Mirror"
Evolutions we did on Saturday.
I could go on and be more in depth, but the BMF
needs to be experienced and learned personally from
Coach to be truelly understood, appreciated and gain
the most benefit. You can't be a PDR coach overnight!
Joe Skovira PDR Team

The Ballistic Micro Fight session in Montreal this past weekend was phenomenal. Working key drills with other PDR coaches allowed me to experience my own strengths and weaknesses. As always, Coach Blauers research and depth of knowledge in real personal defense showed through in every drill.

I agree with Robb, the workouts in High Gear challenged me both mentally and physically.

The emphasis was of course on the Ballistic Micro Fight formula. It is the only system I know of that can combine credible attacks with credible tactics, set up alive drills to work your emotional, psychological, and physical arsenal while at the same time keeping the participants safe from injury.

If I had to pick just one favorite drill from the weekend it would have to be Designated Hitter where the attacker can throw a haymaker or tackle. Imagine having three attackers (in High Gear) walking towards you, trash talking, and anyone of them can throw a haymaker at you or tackle you at any moment. This drill definitely creates anxiety, fear and adrenalin. If the formula is followed, it can be done safely at real speed.

I have always had faith in Coach Blauers system, but this weekend strengthened my personal confidence in the system and its tactics.

Thank you Coach for your hard work and coaching, thanks team for your energy and synergy.

With Safety In Mind,
Rob Gebhart, PDR Team

The information and physical experiences from this weekend's BMF session are still being processed by my over worked brain and body. All I can say to those of you who were not there is WOW and You will not believe how amazing the weekend was. You missed a great time!

In all of my martial arts training and working out at seminars from different systems, this was the first time that I have ever worked out that intensely and that consistently for as long of a steady period of time. What made it even better was that everyone gave it 100% the entire weekend.

I've only been working out with Coach and teh PDR program for just over a year now, but this is the only system that I've ever come across that can provide as much detail, clarity, ability, and capability to people who learn from it as quickly as it does. That is a serious mark of integrity and usefullness of the material to Coach and his research and understanding of real life encounters and how to survive them.

There is no way I could pick a favorite drill from the course. If anything what became most clear was how everything is so logically interconnected and helps with everything else. Going into the depth and matrix of how the drills overlapped and built upon each other was invaluable.

My belief and trust in Coach Blauer's system keeps growing!

Jason Dury

Training over the weekend at the BMF Certification was challenging both mentally and physically, but also a great deal of fun. Doing all of the various drills really strengthened my belief in the system. I have always believed in it, but after working some alive drills in the gear I realized how great the system is.

The BMF Formula is amazing in itself. I never imagined that there could be so much involved in replicating fights, but there is. Each part of the formula plays a vital role which allows for safe training. The main goal for the weekend was SAFETY and I believe that everyone left the training session with many ideas on how to make training safer.

Another high point of the weekend was getting to train with the group that was there. I got to see many new faces as well as several that I recognized. I look forward to training with everyone again and exploring how deep the matrix goes :)

Sean Blair
Houston, TX

Here are some pictures of the March 2004 BMF weekend:

chair drill

from chair

ground control


group gear

group shot

half spear


kick clear






team watch

tony mirror