Board Meeting Parent Speaks Out Against Critical Race Theory: “Hateful, Divisive Material”


Glad she can see what’s wrong with CRT. But I wish she could also see that we only got here through the same government education that she’s seeking to preserve.

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Maybe it’s just the specific cuts that people are releasing on youtube, but most of the parents I see challenging CRT arent being specific enough about their criticisms. They are just using buzzwords like “hateful” and “divisive”, which are accurate, but so general that they can be brushed off as baseless rhetoric. People who choose to go to these board meetings need to find specific examples of how it is applied and explain how it’s going to impact the kids who are being exposed to it.



At 10 seconds into the video she holds up a copy of the material she’s complaining about and reads quotes from it!

What more do you need???

CRT has been around for forty years. Critical theories for even longer

It is only destroying the world now after fox news mentioned it 3500 times in three months. Pretty suspect.

Remember last year when “post-modern” was also a boogieman word on the right. Post modern is an aesthetic, that one didn’t make any sense either.

It’s depressing how easy it is to whip people into a frenzy imo

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It was only in the universities up until recently though. Now it’s moving into corporations and k-12 schools.


It’s way harder to understand than is being acknowledged. The average person would need to research all the jargon just to read any canonical paper

Read the second sex. That is like 70 years old and you still need some background to read to it affluently and it’s a very simple concept. When people of this level of intelligence and experience write academically, they do not do so in layman’s terms. The average person is not their audience, they are writing for their peers.

You’re being intentionally dishonest.

While modern CRT was born over 50 years ago (search for Herbert Marcuse) and remained relegated to colleges/universities and radical leftists, it has only recently made it way to public schools.

The believers who spread it first tried to do it directly into the curriculums, but there were challenges. They then shifted to molding it into the instruction that was given to teachers. This allows for seemingly bland core curriculums to be taught by teachers indoctrinated with (and REQUIRED to use) CRT methodologies.

They’re teaching racism and separatism.


No it’s not. Just because someone with a background in CRT makes a syllabus for K-12 built of off critical theory does not mean they are teaching critical theory.

It is much more difficult to understand than you realize. If you believe teaching about minorities and privilege is CRT than everything is CRT.

You’re right but it was only until recently that teachers started to get training on it.

Nobody who is currently complaining about CRT is concerned with the original texts that were produced. They’re concerned with the manifestation in their school systems today.

The lady in the video gives specific examples from the instructions being given to the teachers in her district.

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Literally EVERY SINGLE THREAD this Marxist dipshit attempts to deflect and obfuscate from Critial Theory (and it’s offshoot Critical Race Theory), which is an explicitly Marxist concept with the ultimate stated aim of overthrowing capitalism.


But EFM your average teacher can’t understand CRT from a training module

First year college students don’t understand it, it’s a grad topic. You have to understand structuralism etc. That’s takes awhile.

These teachers are being given crash courses in anti racism training and learning about some themes.

Yet I’m obviously the only person on the forum who has taken these classes and written papers on it.

Maybe you are just wrong? Go take a class and see if I’m wrong. If you just sit through an entry level class you will see there are things you agree with and things you don;t agree with it.

People here called me marxist for laughing at the post modern boogieman yet nobody cares anymore, it didn’t ruin civilization lol

If this isn’t the largest pile of steaming horseshit ever posted on here, I don’t know what is.

“Oh no you just don’t understand it. You need to be reeducated first!”

Jennifer Lawrence Lol GIF



I agree. It’s a very advanced topic. And it’s my understanding that it’s not even the intention to teach it directly to students but to give teachers a better understanding of how not to be racist.

I haven’t dug too deep into it though, its not being used in my kids school in any way so it’s not really on my radar.

Pick up a book so you can criticize it effectively

learn some of the jargon and themes. I guarantee you have a critical theorist opinion on many issues.

Candace owens is a critical theorist.

exactly, that is the purpose. which isn’t a big deal. It is not teaching CRT to kids, which is insane.

You’re a self-described Marxist desperately attempting to deflect criticism from your ideology.

Am I going to have to repost the academic references outlining how Critical Theory is an explicitly Marxist concept and watch you run away again?