Boarding School info?

I'm seriously considering working at a boarding school somewhere back east starting in the fall of 2005. I dont have any personal experience with boarding schools but its seems like a much better choice that working in a public school. If anyone went to or taught at a boarding school could you give me some info both good and bad about the experience. Teaching for 5 or 6 years seems like a good idea while I work on my masters, write, and save money in general. Any thoughts??


I taught English, coached football and supervised a dorm of 8th and 9th grade boys for two years at a boarding school in Maryland.

It was a great life except I only made $17,000 a year (this was 1993-1995). Some of the parents were truly awful, self-absorbed assholes, however. Some of the kids were nauseatingly spoiled and obnoxious. The headmaster and the dean of students tried to force a lot of P.C. crap down the teachers' throats (like forbiding faculty from telling a misbehaving student to "shut up"). The particular school where I taught was a "religious" school and forbade faculty from having members of the opposite sex spend the night in their on campus apartments (this, more than anything else, made me decide to move on to law school).

Despite these annoyances, I had a great time and often wish I was still teaching and coaching. There were a great many perks to the living such a life that are too numnerous to list here. One of those perks, if you're interested in getting your Master's, is that lots of boarding schools will pay for their faculty to continue their education.

All in all, I highly recommend it, particularly if you do not have too many student loans or are pretty financially secure.

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