Boat and maybe people(?) washing ashore after boat accident off Point Loma CA

My daughter’ s Godfather and two of her friends are surrounded by debris near the Capsized boat at Ballast Pt. Point Loma,Ca.

— Jason Nocito (@HRYmonkey) May 2, 2021

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Yup. Happens all the time too and has been since I was a kid.

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I know. I live here. My neighbor was DelMar PD and said he would find drugs and AKs around 11th street cliffs

Voters and drugs.

I would keep the AK’s and drugs

lots of unused lifejackets made it to the shallows

“The boat was possibly being used to transport undocumented people into the United States, according to Jeffery Stephenson of the Customs and Border Protection Public Affairs Office.”

Those poor Biden voters.

yeah when i first saw it people were speculating two boats collided, now it sounds like it was just an overloaded boat that capsized.