" Bob and Weave" and Cray Monkey

Can you still use the Crazy Monkey hand positioning when you slip, bob and weave? I tried it but I think it´s hard to see anything because my hands and arms are in the way. Should I lower my hands to below the eyes when I do these moves?


Mike Tyson peek a boo style is similar to CRAZY MONKEY. Try watching tapes of him in his prime especially if u're short and got good hooks.

ttt for Rodney...

btw, any way you can edit that and make it "Crazy"? The "cray" thing keeps screwing with my eyes. :)

crayola monkey?

craymonkey gumbo?


The "z" key on my computer is fucked up. You have to press it really hard or it doesn´t work. I don´t know how to edit headlines. Anyone?


Of course you can drop your hands slightly to bob & weave. Just keep your hands still on your head!

Remember please don't take a video and view it as the entire process, it is only part of the CM game, there is tons more. That is why it is always good to train with someone who knows.

I will be working on the next CM video when I return from Denmark, many of the questions like the above one will be covered!