Bob Arum is full of it...

"the ufc PPV numbers have disapeared. They are nothing, nobody is tuning in anymore, that is what he (Dana) should be concentrating on rather than going into another sport. Because they are not sticking to the business. They are just not doing the job that they should do."


The ESPN numbers are good, DWCS is a success, Fight Pass is a success, before the year is out UFC is doing shows in China, Australia, Canada, Dubai, Mexico City, NYC, Copenhagen, Singapore, Moscow, Boston, Tampa, Sao Paulo, Busan, DC, and Las Vegas.

Another Chuck, Tito, Brock, Ronda, GSP, Anderson, Conor etc... is on the way. Unranked kids like O'Malley are doing millions upon millions of views on youtube with their DWCS fights alone.

Khabib vs Johnson, just put up on youtube for free a week ago has 13 million views.

Whether or not the PPV model continues... the UFC is bigger than ever and here to stay. Bellator and ONE have big money behind them yet have to crawl along to get market share.

I know everyone gets bored with some of the Fight Night cards, the WMMA and some of the weak PPVs at times but overall man, the UFC is still bigger than ever and Bob Arum is talking out of his ass.

Arum is full of shit, like when he said UFC is for skinhead white guys.


I'm sure all the shows in Mexico City, Dubai, Busan and Singapore are going to be filled with skinhead fans.

UFC put the 75th ranked LW in the world in vs the 94th ranked LW as the prelims headliner on ESPN for their last PPV.

It did 949,000 views in the US alone.

Is the 75th vs 94th ranked boxer gonna do almost a million views in the US?

You might not like some things about the UFC but business is booming and Arum is an asshole.

Anyone find it impressive the UFC can do almost one million views in the US for just the 75th ranked vs 94th ranked LW?

I also find the youtube free fight numbers impressive. Most the free fights for 242 are doing 1-2 million but two of Khabib's fights have 6 mil and 14 mil views.

I think that says a lot about their promotional machine and brand.

The old guys on the UG that say "nobody watches the UFC anymore" are just talking about their old friends and themselves.

Arum still retarded after all these years.