Bob Dylan...Forefather of Folk!

Nothing but respect for him.

The Times They Are A Changing.

Blowing In The Wind.

Nothing but love for Bob, but forefather of folk? Bob was really more second generation folk. 1930s 40s was a big time for folk music with people like Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Almanac Singers, Leadbelly, Josh White, Cisco Houstin, Burl Ives...etc..

Burl Ives...Man that takes me back!

Thread title isn't meant to be completely serious, more like a catchy phrase I threw in there to attract attention. However, Dylan and Denver were my first introductions to folk music, so I pretty much consider them the tops. Just another musical opinion to mix in with all the rest.


Hillbilly is correct. Damn dude, Josh frickin' White. One Meatball. :) Reachin' back to MY roots now.

Ever listen to Eric Darling?

Is that the same Josh White that was an early blues artist that got caught up in the "naming names" crap of the McArthy era?

If so, I've been listening to some of his earliest stuff recently and it's damned good. I've seen video of him performing, and one of his trademarks was playing with a lit cigarette behind his ear.

I consider all the early acoustic blues guys to be folk muscicians.

I think Dylan is on a new Ipod commercial (or something like that) doing some country blues.